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Retro gaming is big business. It is fair to say that the genre has an almost cult like status. As new consoles come and go it tends to take a few generations for a console to be considered as retro. For example the Nintendo Wii although no longer readily available on the high street is not yet thought of as retro, where as the N64 and PlayStation 2 are.

Retro consoles and computers are growing in popularity as are the demand for them by collectors. Older computers and consoles such as the Spectrum, CD32 and PC Engine, are now selling for £100’s on classified and auction sites.

Emulation, which allows you to play games from your favourite consoles from yesteryear on a PC are in high demand although downloading the game rom files is considered illegal, but some say that if you won he original then you can download the rom as a backup. We will leave that up to you but you can at least download some of the emulators from this site. We will work to get official licensing so you can play all your favourite retro console games right here.

Atari Jaguar

Neo Geo


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Atari Jaguar

Neo Geo

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